10 Green habits that will save your money

10 Green habits that will save your money

Cleaning and eco living do not always go hand in hand, considering the harsh chemicals in conventional cleaning products that, through gray waters, go directly to the local ecosystems, and the bulk of paper towels and plastic bags used in households. The good news is that with small and easy changes in our home routine, we can take care of the environment, while saving money.

Here some green ideas that you can easily turn into everyday habits:

1. Always take a canvas bag with you

So that you will avoid the use of disposable plastic bags. This is probably the easiest, yet effective way to be a step greener in your consumer behavior. Just be sure you have 2-3 textile bags always on hand – either in your handbag or in the car.

2. Try to run the dishwasher and the washing machine fully loaded

Avoid using your dishwasher and washing machine unnecessary often if they are not fully loaded. This way, you will save water and energy which is beneficial for both – your budget and the environment.

3. Reduce the use of paper towels

Paper towels may seem acceptable solution, giving that paper is 100% biodegradable, but in fact it is related to huge amount deforestation and forest loss. Reusable towels, made out of compostable materials like these Swedish dishcloths are an excellent alternative to paper towels. They can be used literally for everything in cleaning – from cleaning the windows and kitchen counter to the hygiene after your pet. Each Swedish dishcloth replaces 17 paper towel rolls, and once it is out of use, it can be composted at home. In short – Swedish dishcloths are a great environment friendly way to save money.  

4. Preferably buy fruits and veggies unwrapped

Chemicals from plastic packaging can easily pass into fruits and vegetables, and the packaging itself is an ideal place for bacteria to grow, since it provides warm and moist environment. Along with that, plastic packaging is a source of large amount of non-biodegradable waste. For these reasons, preferably buy products that are not wrapped. Just bring your own reusable shopping bag where to put your fruits and veggies in.

5. Skip the fabric softener

We are so used to the idea the fabric softener is something necessary, as detergent itself is, that it might sound unthinkable not to use it. In fact, it is simply a cocktail of many chemicals, whose main purpose is to stay on clothes even after rinsing, in order to ensure all effects the product promises. Allergens in fabric softeners irritate the skin and might cause numerous dermatological issues. In addition, many of the ingredients are not biodegradable and go directly into soils, causing their poisoning.

If you use a dryer machine, the wool dryer balls are an excellent safe and eco solution for having soft laundry, without being exposed to dangerous chemical. They work by separating the large clumps of wet clothing, allowing warm air to circulate evenly. This shortens drying cycle and protects clothing from over drying, eliminates static cling and reduce clothing wrinkles. Using wool dryer balls, you can easily add scent you your laundry, as well. Just place few drops of your favorite essential oil or aroma blend of essential oils to each ball and you will enjoy delicately scented fabrics.

6. Prefer bulk quantities

The regular cleaning and dusting of domestic appliances prolong their life. It will save your money for fixes and new appliances, and finally – less disposed electricals, lesser damages to the environment.

7. Use all-purpose cleaner

It is not necessary to have a cleaning product for every place at home (kitchen, bathroom, etc.). One all-purpose cleaner is really enough for almost every place at home. Just choose a product that is gentle enough, to make sure it will not damage the delicate surfaces. Check out this All-purpose cleaner made with natural saponins from Soapberries and Camellia.

8. Take care of the electronic appliances at home

The regular cleaning and dusting of domestic appliances prolong their life. It will save your money for fixes and new appliances, and finally – less disposed electricals, lesser damages to the environment.

9. Replace synthetic air-fresheners with natural essential oils

Essential oils can be a great healthy and sustainable replacement of fabric air-fresheners, that are full of harmful toxins and phthalates. Here you can find some interesting ideas on how to use them at home in variety of ways, not only for aromatherapy.

10. Use food containers instead of plastic bags and cling film

Whether you are preparing your lunch for the office or the school lunch, or going to a picnic, try to avoid disposable packaging such as plastic bags or cling film. All you need is to have several different sizes food containers for any occasion.  

And at the end, let us remind you: Our decisions have a lasting impact – what we do today is what we will leave to our children tomorrow. 

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