We exist ​to provide you with safe, holistic and sustainable alternatives to chemicals in your home.

Why Gama Organica

Because our products are:

Pure and Natural

made with Soapberries and Camellia Oleifera, paired with plant derived ingredients, essential oils and minerals.

Safe and Trusted

non-toxic and pet-friendly. Safe even for the littlest family members, people with allergies and sensitive skin.

Green and Earth-friendly

made with completely biodegradable ingredients to guarantee they are not harmful to our Planet (also suitable for septic tanks). 


high concentration of powerful antibacterial botanical extracts and essential oils to ensure a truly clean home. 


finest selection of plant extracts and essential oils to bring a cozy feel and positive impact on your mood. 


we don’t add artificial foaming agents. Our natural saponins are easily rinsed off with less amount of water. 


Our products are based on natural saponins from Soapberries and Camellia Oleifera. We blend them with carefully selected herbal extracts, essential oils and minerals.

Our ingredients


Where to find us


Station Zero - Centrum, 4 Yuri Venelin Str.

Sunshine Health Store - 1404 Manastirski livadi - iztok, Tsanko Lavrenov Str., bl. 15A

Care Point Drogerie - 1618 Manastirski livadi - zapad, 33A Buxton Brothers Blvd.

Laika.bg - ​Sopharma Business Towers, ul. "Lachezar Stanchev" 5, 1797 Sofia

Domashnica Shop - ​ul. "Sveta Marina" 33, 1680 Borovo, Sofia


BioDar Organic - ​​ul. "Tsar Kaloyan" 49, 8000 z. k. Vazrazhdane, Burgas

Bio Burgas - ​ul. "Tsar Simeon I" 47, (ex Republikanska Str.), Burgas


AYA Health - Pere Toshev 13

Zdravisimo - ​ul. "Maritsa" 14, 2700 Blagoevgrad Center

Veliko Tarnovo

MT Fresh Drogerie - Rositsa 5 Str., Public laundry "MT Fresh"


NIce Market - 15 Neofit Bozveli Str., Kyustendil

Oreha - Gurlyano Vilage, 2 Ruen Str.