What's inside?

Only nature. We blend natural saponins with carefully selected plant derived ingredients, essential oils, and minerals. The result: cleaning products that are safe and delightful, but at the same time effective against dirt. This is what we call combined beneficial effect – for your home, for your health, and for our environment.

Our commitments to you:

  • Quality ingredients, inspired by Nature 
  • Sufficient research and laboratory tests conducted to show safety and efficiency 
  • Complete and transparent ingredients list
  • Responsible packaging through recyclability 
  • No human toxins, and non-biodegradable agents  
  • No SLS, SLeS, and harsh synthetic surfactants
  • No petrol- and other harmful chemicals  
  • No synthetic fragrances, brighteners, and colorants
  • No artificial foaming agents

Our Story 

Hi, I am Elitsa – a financial professional (a job that quit because of my need to do my own thing for once); a dreamer (which led me here), a happy mom (my inspiration in this adventure). Gama Organica is my personal battle for sustainable life and greener environment.

Shortly after I gave birth to my son, like many parents growing their children in big cities, I faced the problems of atopic dermatitis that lately escalated to allergies and respiratory issues. Trying to get as much as possib​le information on the topic I found out that one of the biggest causers of such health issues is the chemicals in household products. It was hard to find truly safe products, since even eco brands use ingredients that might be safe for the environment, but not safe enough for the people using them. 

Our mission

We do believe the only way to heal our planet is to live in harmony with Nature.
Gray water and harsh detergents g​o directly into the environment damaging the local ecosystems. Should we do this, when Nature itself is a powerful source of non-toxic alternatives of cleaning? That’s why we strive to: 

Transform cleaning into health- and nature-conscious activity. 
Anytime you chose natural cleaning product you chose better health for your family and for our planet.

Change the way people think about household products. 
It’s important to realize that using chemicals is not the only way for having a clean house. 

Inspire people to do small steps in their everyday life that lead to great results. 
Even a slight change in your cleaning routine makes you part of the change towards greener environme​nt.

Our decisions have a lasting impact – what we do today is what we will leave to our children tomorrow. 

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