Clean the refrigerator inside in few easy steps

Clean the refrigerator inside in few easy steps

We all know that moment: a sunny Saturday, you are going to prepare a fast lunch, before going out to enjoy the weather, open the fridge and … ah!!!! that unpleasant smell, filling the whole kitchen.

Cleaning the refrigerator is important not only for its good operating condition, but also to keep the food fresh for longer.

Of course, to clean the refrigerator is not a rocket science, but if you make it in few pre-defined steps, it could be much easier and faster.

So, let’s clean the refrigeration if few easy steps:

1. Find a place for the food stored in the fridge

In order to clean the refrigerator faster, it is good to take out all food and free up the space inside. Before starting with the cleaning, think about such area that is big enough to store for a while all of your food and drinks that are in the fridge.

2. Have your trash bin near to you

It is not a rare situation, while cleaning the refrigerator, to come across “findings” of forgotten leftovers. Provide in advance a trash bag, where to dispose all expired products.

3. Take out the removable shelfs and containers

It is best to clean all removable shelfs and containers with dish soap under running water. Start with the shelf and containers and leave them dry while you’re cleaning the rest of the refrigerator.

4. Prepare the cleaning supplies

All you need for a deep refrigerator cleaning is a good dishcloth and a safe cleaning product. Since you store food and drinks there, it is important to use a cleaning product that doesn’t contain toxic ingredients.

The old-fashioned vinegar is a great cleaning product for your refrigerator. Mix 2 parts vinegar with 1 part hot water, spray and wipe clean.

If the refrigerator is heavily dirty or you need to remove stagnant grease spots, you can use this all-natural cleaner. It is made with non-toxic plant-derived ingredients, removes harmful microorganisms, and offers a pleasant citrus aroma.

Start the cleaning from the top and work your way down.

If after all, your refrigerator still has residual odor, place overnight two spoonfuls of grounded coffee. It should absorb any unpleasant smell.

5. Maintain your refrigerator clean

In order to keep your refrigerator clean for longer, opt to put the food in with clean packages. This will significantly extend the period between cleanings. To avid unpleasant smells inside the refrigerator, regularly check the food you store there and throw away everything stale.

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  1. Продуктите Ви са прекрасни. Ефикасни, с много приятен аромат. Използвам ги с удоволствие, без да се притеснявам, че могат да ни навредят на мен, близките ми и на домашният ни любимец. Съотношението качество-цена е много добро.
    С две думи- взела съм решение да ползвам само Вашите продукти.
    Хубава вечер!

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