Spring Cleaning in 5 Easy Steps

Spring is just the right time to refresh your home and to clear everything unnecessary from it. However, spring cleaning doesn’t have to be a tedious experience that takes days! It is enough to do a few things in the proper way to have a fresher home. Get the house ready for summer with this easy-to-do checklist:

1. From top to bottom – rule No1 for effective cleaning

Always start the cleaning with the highest spots of the room.  

During winter season the windows stay closed for longer, and the thick blankets and clothes, in combination with the heating devices, form more dust. Therefore, it is necessary to start cleaning exactly from those areas that have collected dust most. Usually these are curtains and heavy carpets.

Take down the curtains from the curtain rods and prepare them for washing. Dust all rooms thoroughly starting from the highest places in the room and working your way down to the floor. Then move on to vacuuming the carpets. Ideally, wash the carpets, if possible.

2. Wash the windows

Wash all the windows to remove dust and soot from the winter season. Don’t forget to clean the window frames as well as the sill boards.

3. Prepare the beds for the spring-summer season

Before putting the winter blankets back in the closet, give them a solid wash (don’t forget to follow the garment care instructions). If possible, leave the mattress in the sun for at least a few hours.

4. Organize the cupboards and closets and get rid of anything you don’t use

The less stuff your cupboard and closets are cluttered with, the less dust they’ll collect, and the easier it will be for you to organize them. Go through all the cupboards and closets and pull out everything you no longer wear or use. Do your research where in your city you can take small household appliances for recycling. Donate or recycle old clothing.  

5. Deep clean the kitchen and household appliances

The kitchen is the place in home that gets dirty easier, but also the place that needs to be the cleanest one, since it is where we prepare our food. Do a deep cleaning by wiping down and sanitizing all kitchen cupboards in- and outside. Clean the inside of the fridge, the oven and dishwasher, as well. If you missed reading why it is important to regularly sanitize your dishwasher and how to do it, you may find this article interesting.

Leave the floor cleaning as the last step.

For all these activites we shared above – dusting; windows cleaning; deep kitchen and appliances cleaning – it is not necessary to buy a bunch of detergents for every place in your home. Gama Organica All-Purpose Cleaner is suitable for all hard surfaces, including delicate ones. For best results, combine it with our Swedish Dishcloths, which are the perfect helper for any mess at home.

Remember that home hygiene is directly related to our health, and cleaning should not put at risk our health. Therefore, always choose cleaning products that do not contain dangerous ingredients and that are safe your you and your family.

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