When and how to clean your dishwasher

When and how to clean your dishwasher

Regular cleaning and maintaining your dishwasher are crucial for its effective work and for keeping it in good operation condition for longer. It might sound surprising, but the place intended for washing your dishes needs washing itself.

Over time, food particles, greasy deposits and undissolved detergent build up in the filter and inner walls of the dishwasher. In areas with hard water, significant amount of lime builds up on its parts, as well. This can make it work worse, shortens its operational life and creates a breeding ground of germs. The filter retains food and grease residuals that circulate during washing and stick back to your dishes. In other words – if the place where you wash your dishes is not clean, the dishes will not be clean, as well.  

Several signs that your dishwasher needs cleaning:

  1. Your dishes do not come our as squeaky clean as they were when the appliance was new.
  2. After washing, your dishwasher drains the water slowly.
  3. After running there is a small amount of water at the bottom of the dishwasher. 
  4. You notice small particles stuck on your dishes after taking them out of the dishwasher.

If you have noticed that some of these things happen when you use the dishwasher, it is a signal it needs to be cleaned.

To keep it in a good working condition, it is necessary to clean the dishware’s filter and inner parts once a month.

1. Start with the filter

The filter is found below the bottom spray arm. If you’re not sure how to remove it, just check the appliance’s manual.

Remove the filter and wipe clean the space around it.

Wash the filter with dish soap and hot water. If it is too greasy and dirty, soak it in hot water and vinegar for 30 minutes before washing.

2. Clean deep the dishwasher with white vinegar or dishwasher cleaner

Fill the detergent compartment with white vinegar or dishwasher cleaner and start a full cycle with hot water, without dishes.

That’s all you need to do to make sure your dishwasher is clean. If you get into the habit of such cleaning once a month, you will notice many benefits – not only the dishwasher will look like new, but it will work better, your dishes will be truly clean and the dishwasher itself will serve you for a longer time.

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