Why go natural with your cleaning products

Why go natural with your cleaning products

When buying a cleaning product, do you really know what you’re bringing into your home with it? Do you take time to read the label, and when doing it, do you understand what ingredients you are exposing yourself to while cleaning? Or maybe you just pick products that smell good or are on sale?

Nowadays, more than ever people have become conscious of the food they consume and cosmetic products they use. But are you aware of the risks that the common cleaning products are associated with?

Read on to learn why it is important to put special attention to what cleaning products you use and the benefits of switching to green products.  

1. When using natural cleaning products, you take care of your health

In recent years, more and more scientific reports warn about the health risks of using cleaning products. The reason lies in the harmful agents included in them. It is estimated that the average home has about 62 toxic chemicals found in the cleaning products.  

Weather you are about quickly wiping the stove after preparing your lunch, dusting the furniture, or deeply cleaning the bathroom, you inhale some amount of the cleaning product you use.  Most of the cleaning products contain so called VOCs (volatile organic compounds). They are released in the air during use and remain in your home even after the cleaning. How much harmful they are to your health, depends on the concentration in the product and the time you are exposed to them. Some of the symptoms that signal you are using a cleaning product with dangerous ingredients are headache, throat or eye irritation, cough, skin irritation or burns.

Not to mention how more dangerous are these chemicals to small children, people with wicked immune systems, allergies and respiratory problems, and pets.

By choosing to switch to natural, plant-based cleaning products, you protect yourself and your loved ones from the harmful effects of the conventional products and lower the risk of skin and respiratory irritations. This simple step to replace a few common products on your shelf with natural products makes actually a big difference towards your better health.

2. When using natural cleaning products, you take care of the environment  

Grey water, along with all the harsh cleaners and detergents from our everyday home activities, are flushed directly out into the local environment, thus having damaging impact on eco systems. Natural cleaning products are made with plant-derived and biodegradable ingredients that do not harm the soils, waters, and aquatic life.

If you use septic tanks, it is also very important to switch to green products in order to ensure you do not pollute the soil around your home.

3. When using natural cleaning products, you extend the life of your furniture, home surfaces and cloths

The harsh substances in the conventional cleaning products are often corrosive and can damage or discolor delicate surfaces and fabrics. Natural products with well-selected ingredients have milder effect and are gentle on fabrics and surfaces.  

In any case, even if you use a natural product, we recommend reading the label carefully and to check if the product is suitable for one or another type of surface or fabric.

4. When you use natural cleaning products, you save money

At first glance, natural cleaning products may look as a more expensive alternative to the conventional ones. However, often the amount of product needed for cleaning is less and they are used for longer. Also, one natural all-purpose cleaner can replace several common products.

Natural products that do not contain artificial foaming agents form fewer suds, less rinsing is required, thus saving water and energy.

Don’t forget they are gentler on surfaces, furniture, and fabrics, which in long-term will also save you money on repairs and maintenance. 

5. When using natural cleaning products, you inspire your kids to be responsible for their health and to take care of the environment

This is maybe the greater benefit of using natural products. Personal example is the best way to teach our children to be responsible towards taking care of their health and the health of our planet.

A take-away: by switching to natural cleaning products, you take care of your health, your home, our environment and in long-term – of your household budget. Always take informed decisions and choose brands that list their ingredients fully and honestly.

And, if you want to find out how effective natural cleaning products can be, contact us. Our products are free of synthetic foaming agents, fragrances and dyes, bleach, petrol- and other dangerous chemicals. They are safe for littles ones and pets, and with them you can be sure your home is truly clean, without toxic ingredients.

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